Redi-Flo2, 2” Environmental Submersible Pumps

Redi-Flo2, 2” Environmental Submersible Pumps

Pine Item #51841

Redi-Flo2 offers a reliable 2” electrical submersible sampling pump designed for uninterrupted water flow. The pump's durable construction and simple design offer a long-lasting solution for environmental sampling, and its low power consumption capabilities save energy.


Chemically inert materials

Maximum sample integrity and easy decontamination

1.8 inch (4.6cm) diameter

Easy access into 2" (5cm) or larger wells

Flow rates range from 8 GPM (30 LPM) to as little as

100ml ⁄min

Controlled with the simple push of a button

Low velocities and agitation

Ideal for sampling and purging

Portable solid state converter

Eliminates the need for control valves

Continuous flow

Ensures a cleaner, simpler sample catch

Dedicated or Portable configurations available

Quantity must be 1 or more
Equipment available for both rental and purchase
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