Coatings & Paint Inspection

Equipment available for both rental and purchase

Paint and coating inspection gauges are the ideal solution when measuring the thickness of any outer coating or locating holidays, pin holes or voids in any object.  At Pine, we carry a wide array of inspection units from all of the leading manufactures to ensure we will have the exact instrument to fit your need.

To find out more, please click on a product from the list.  At Pine, we specialize in delivering total equipment solutions and providing technical advice on what to rent, and how to use it; the availability of our rental fleet is second to none, and all our equipment is always tested and delivered ready to use.

Elcometer 270-4 Pinhole
Elcometer 236-2 DC HD
Fischer MP30 Deltascope
Tinker & Razor
Tinker & Rasor AP/W Holiday Detector
Tinker & Razor
Tinker & Rasor Model M/1
Elcometer 456 (Model T) with Straight Ferrous Substrate Probe