Maxtec UltraMax O2 Oxygen Analyzer

Maxtec UltraMax O2 Oxygen Analyzer

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Maxtec is pleased to introduce The UltraMaxO2 oxygen analyzer. The UltraMaxO2 was designed for fast and easy verification of oxygen concentration, flow and outlet pressure of oxygen concentrators. Best of all, the UltraMaxO2 provides unparalleled performance and reliability from its advanced design.


Accurately measure O2 flow & pressure

No oxygen sensor required

No in-field calibration


Shielded reinforced sample gas inlet port

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Technical Specifications

Measurement Range: (from a concentrator)20.9 - 96%
Oxygen Measurement Accuracy:±1.5% of full scale at constant temperature and optimal flow
Oxygen Measurement Resolution:0.1% Oxygen
Flow Measurement Range: 0 - 10 LPM
Flow Measurement Accuracy:±0.2 LPM
Flow Measurement Resolution:0.1 LPM
Pressure Measurement Range:0 .5 - 50 PSI (3.4 - 344 Kpa)
Pressure Measurement Accuracy:±0.5% PSI (±0.5% kPa)
Pressure Measurement Resolution:0.1 PSI (0.1 up to 199 1 from 200 to 344 kPa)
Response Time:= 17 seconds
Warm-up Time:< 1 second
Operating Temperature:15°C - 40°C (59°F - 104°F)
Pressure:800 - 1000 mBars
Humidity:0 - 95% (non-condensing)
Power Requirements:2-AA Alkaline batteries (2 x 1.5 volts)


Dimensions:3.16\" x 5.10\" x 1.04\" 80.3mm x 129.5mm x 26.4mm


Weight:0.4 lbs181 grams
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