Geotech Portable Turbidity Meter
Geotech Portable Turbidity Meter
Geotech Portable Turbidity Meter
Geotech Portable Turbidity Meter

Geotech Portable Turbidity Meter

Pine Item #52629

Geotech’s Portable Turbidity Meter is designed to withstand the rigor of field analysis with laboratory precision and repeatability. The large membrane keypad makes operating the instrument simple when wearing gloves. The bright display can be viewed in varying light conditions.


Longest lasting lamps

Light source: White light or infrared

Shock proof, water proof and it floats in water, even with the lid open

Multiple calibration modes

Password protection that limits individual user access

Data logger includes 1000 data sets


Environmental monitoring, water quality

Industrial waste water monitoring, compliance

Process instrumentation verification

Drinking water quality testing

Laboratory sample analysis

Other industrial: beverage, electroplating, petrochemical, pulp and paper

Storm water monitoring

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Technical Specifications

Geotech Portable Turbidity Meter
Measurement Method:Nephelometric
Regulatory:EPA Method 180.1
ISO Method 7027
Light Source:EPA – White Light Tungsten
ISO – 860nm LED
Range:0 to 1000 NTU (FNU)
Accuracy:±2% of reading plus stray light
Repeatability:±1% of reading, or 0.01 NTU (FNU), whichever is greater
Resolution:0.01 NTU (FNU) on lowest range
Unit of Measure:NTU, FNU, EBC
Stray Light:<0.02 NTU (FNU)
Signal Averaging:Selectable On/Off
(programmable from 8 to 100 readings/4 to 27 seconds)
Detector:Silicon photocell
Reading Modes:Fast settling, automatic, manual reading, EBC
Data Logger:1000 Data Sets
Download:Standard USB
Languages:English, Spanish, Portuguese
Power:4 AA batteries
USB 5 VDC/500 mA
Operating Temperature:32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)
Storage Conditions:-40 to 140°F (-40 to 60°C), instrument only
Instrument Enclosure Rating:IP67 with lid open or closed
Sample Required:0.473 oz. (14ml)
Sample Cells:2.55 x 0.94 in. (65 x 24 mm)
Dimensions:4.48 x 7.79 x 3.26 in. (114 x 198 x 83 mm)
Weight:1.09 lb. (496 g) without batteries
1.28 lb. (585 g) with 4 AA alkaline batteries
Warranty:2 year
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