Pine is the unmatched leader when it comes to the breadth of equipment available for Environmental Monitoring, Health & Safety Monitoring and Protection, Non-Destuctive Testing, Remote Visual Inspection and Continuous Emissions Monitoring. And with selections this vast it also makes sense that we offer a variety of rental options as well. To best accommodate your project requirements, and to ensure you receive the lowest price for your requirements, we offer daily, weekly and monthly rental options.

The Benefits of Renting:
  • You will always receive your instruments maintained and calibrated
  • Allows your financial and technical resources to be dedicated to core business objectives
  • Frees up cash tied up in owning hard assets, converting fixed costs into variable costs
  • You incur no annual maintenance or calibration costs
  • We store and maintain the equipment during the periods when you don’t need it
  • 24-hour technical back-up
  • You have access to the widest range and most up-to-date technology available
  • Costs are limited to the duration of any given project
  • You can easily meet unexpected changes in project requirements
  • Expertise to support selecting the instrument best suited to meet your requirements
  • With locations all across North America we can often ship a rental to your remote project site more economically than sending in your own equipment
  • For customers outside of local areas we ship via Fed-Ex and UPS, with your rental starting on the day of delivery, not the shipping date, and ending on the day you ship it back to us
  • Rentals allow better debt-to-equity ratios
  • Capital is not tied up in instruments that are not utilized on a regular basis and resources are not applied to servicing owned instrumentation

Other Financial Options

If you require instruments for more extended periods of time we can accommodate those needs as well.

While we know that there are many benefits to renting, there are business reasons where you may want to own some of your gear.This is why we sell many of the same instruments that we rent. So call us first whenever you are in the market to purchase. And remember, with all of the instruments that you own you can count on us to expertly calibrate and maintain your investment as well. Our factory trained technicians can diagnose and repair your equipment right at our facility.

So whether you need a single instrument for one day or several instruments for a long-term use call us today to see how we can support your project needs. What’s more, Pine also carries a wide selection of accessories and consumables that provides you with a one stop shop to meet your needs for every job.