Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about Pine, chances are someone else has had that same question at some point, so we have put together a list of some of our top FAQs. Check back often as this section will be updated on a regular basis.

Will you arrange pick-up?

We provide free delivery (drop off and pick-up) in surrounding areas of Pine offices and yes, in some cases we can arrange for a courier service to pick the equipment up when you are finished with it and return it to us.

Can we pick up the equipment from Pine?

Absolutely! We have selected the site of each of our offices to be strategically located in order to make picking up your equipment fast and convenient. And throughout the coming months we will be opening even more branches to better serve our customers who wish to save shipping charges by picking up their rental in person. Many of our locations also include secure after hours pick up and drop off areas with personal customer pass codes

What is your Rental Protection?

In essence, our Rental Protection Plan (RPP) provides coverage against equipment lost or accidentally damaged while on rental, subject to an excess based on equipment value. The Rental Protection Plan (RPP) does not cover equipment while in transit or damage caused by misuse. Please refer to our Rental Protection Plan (RPP) page for further details.

Do we need insurance?

If you do not have your own insurance we are happy to provide coverage via our Rental Protection Plan (RPP).

Does the Rental Protection Plan have any exceptions?

We do not provide Rental Protection Plan (RPP) for fibrescopes or for equipment which is being cross rented to a third party.

How can I set up an account?

Setting up a full credit account is quick and easy. Just complete the relevant form and return it back to us with a sheet of your company letterhead.

When will we receive our invoice?

Credit card payments

Credit cards are authorized at the time that a contract is entered and billed the following day. This is only an approximate amount based on the rental. Any refunds or additional charges will occur when the invoice is generated. Once generated, the invoice is stamped PAID and mailed to the customer as their receipt.

Full credit accounts

Invoices are run daily for all contracts terminated the previous day and terms are N30 from the date of the invoice. Invoices are mailed to customers daily.

What calibration gas or test solutions do you send?

All instrumentation is checked and calibrated prior to dispatch. A copy of the calibration certificate is sent with the equipment if appropriate. Your first calibration kit (gases and/or solutions) is provided with all standard environmental instruments. Some gases and test solutions are available to purchase, please call us for further details.

Can you ship hazardous or compressed gases?

Yes! We can now send gases within the US and Canada. They are shipped as ‘Hazardous or Dangerous Goods’ dependent on the mode of transport and as such take a little extra time to ship, so contact us for further details. Also, please refer to the FAQ question below pertaining to hazardous or dangerous goods for information that you may be required to know, or training that you may need to undergo, in order for you to return the goods back to us.

Are there any special requirements when sending back hazardous or dangerous goods?

Absolutely. First, hazardous materials training is required for all hazmat employees under the U.S. DOT hazardous materials regulations including IATA or TDG dependent on mode of transport. Hazmat training is required within 90 days for new employees and must be repeated every two to three years depending on the entity that has provided the training.

Civil and criminal penalties are substantial ranging in the tens of thousands of dollars dependent on the violation including the potential of jeopardizing the safety of the carrier. Other rental companies may not make you aware of these regulations.

Useful links to transporting hazardous or dangerous goods by air or highway in the U.S. or Canada
The U.S Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
International Air Transport Association
Transport Canada

Can you configure equipment for us?

Equipment will be set to the instruments default settings prior to dispatch. If you wish to have your instrument specifically configured we can arrange this for you. Please give us at least 24 hours notice prior to dispatch if you require this service.

What happens if the equipment breaks down?

Call us to speak to a technician who can help diagnose the problem. If we can’t get the problem resolved, we will make every effort to get you another unit within 24 hours depending on availability. To avoid extra charges, please notify Pine immediately of the problem. We reserve the right to keep equipment on rent while the matter is being investigated.

Can I get equipment for tomorrow morning?

Usually, yes! Subject to availability and as long as you have an account in place if you call us before 2pm we should be able to deliver next day. We make every effort to ensure equipment is fully charged when you receive it, however orders placed for next day delivery after 12pm may not have time to be fully charged, but we will advise you of this.

How is equipment dispatched?

Equipment is sent via FedEx on an overnight service or by a same day courier if requested. Hazardous goods are shipped using a special courier.

Will you ship to our job site?

Yes. Provided you can supply a full address and site contact name we should be able to deliver.

Can I rent for a one day period?

Much of our equipment is available for a one day minimum rental period; please contact us for details

Can I extend my rental period?

Yes. As long as your purchase order/credit card will cover the cost of extending the rental you are welcome to keep equipment on rent as long as you like. Please inform us of any extensions.

Do you offer training?

We can provide training on certain instruments. We provide manuals with all of our equipment and should you have any operational inquiries our technicians are available to assist you.

Are there any special requirements when renting out PMI analyzers?

Yes, dependent on the type of instrument rented and the location, you may need to be registered within your state or province before accepting PMI equipment. Check with your local Pine office for further information. You can also click on the Thermo Fisher Niton data sheet above for all U.S state contacts for PMI usage.

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Can I export equipment from the United States or Canada?

Yes, however we ar all subject to the export control laws and regulations of the United States of America, including the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), and the Foreign Assets Control regulations. An export license maybe required dependent on what type of equipment is being exported, who will be receiving the item, where the equipment is being shipped to and what the equipment will be used for.

These are common questions that will be asked at the time of the rental order and is not specific to Pine, but a federal requirement in determining whether the transaction is prohibited against the laws and regulations of the United States or Canada.

However, thereafter you are responsible for determining whether export or re-export licenses or other authorizations are required for any export, re-export, deemed export, and/or deemed re-export, and for obtaining any such required licenses or authorizations from the United States government and any other relevant government or governments, prior to exporting or re-exporting the equipment.

Links to the U.S and Canadian export sites below.

US: Bureau of Industry and Security

Canada: Export Control Legislation and Regulations

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