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The calibrators used for the Soundlevel meters can provide a quick and precice field calibration. The 2 main brands of caibrators carried by Pine are Quest and Casella. The calibrator generates a stable acoustic signal at a controlled frequency and amplitude to verify the accuracy of your meter in the field.

The model QC-10 is a general purpose calibrator that generates a constant sound pressure level of 114 dB at a fixed frequency of 1,000 Hz, whereas the QC-20 is recommended for use with IEC Type 1 meters and has user –selectable frequencies of 94 or 114 dB and 250 or 1,000 Hz frequencies.
The model QC-20 is recommended for use with precision ANSI and IEC Type 1 meters. User-selectable 94 or 114 dB and 250 or 1,000 Hz frequencies generate four different outputs.


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Casella CEL
Casella CEL-260 Class 2 Calibrator